img_0047_editedThe Lyme BX Ranch is a 25,000-acre ranch managed by Round River for Lyme Timber Company, a private conservation investment company. We collaborate with Lyme Timber, The Savory Institute and The Nature Conservancy in an attempt to improve the natural resource base and develop a replicable ranch management model centered on a holistic decision making approach.

Round River assumed management of the Lyme BX Ranch in December of 2014 and is collaborating with the land owner, The Nature Conservancy, the Savory Institute and the Palmer Land Trust to develop and implement a management plan designed to improve the ecosystem processes, protect the resources, and achieve the economic and ecological outcomes desired by its partners.

To accomplish these goals, we implemented a dormant season rotational grazing system, and have initiated an infrastructure development plan designed to improve operations. The first phase has begun with a water development plan designed to provide adequate storage and supply the water required for a large herd in a rotational grazing system.  The next step will include a fencing plan that will allow for increased stock density and herd effect, shorter grazing periods and improved recovery periods further enhancing the four ecosystem processes.