Louis Martin

Chief Executive Officer
Louis currently serves as the CEO and general manager for Round River and oversees management of the Brett Gray and Lyme BX Ranches, working in collaboration with the Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners (SLB), The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and others to achieve the desired goals of all stakeholders. In addition, Louis developed and oversees the intern/apprenticeship program for Round River, preparing and training young professionals for land and livestock management.
Louis has been involved in the livestock and ranching business for over 40 years. He served 16 years as general manager for the Texas A&M University Beef Cattle Center in College Station, Texas, where he oversaw all cattle operations and facilitated the teaching, research and extension activities at the Center. In addition, he has been involved in Holistic Managementâ„¢ for over thirty years, consulted for numerous ranches and managed large ranches in Texas, northeastern Utah and Colorado before coming to the Brett Gray Ranch.
Louis received a BS and Master’s degree in Animal Science and Ranch Management at Texas A&M University, has trained with several certified HRM instructors and is an alumni of Ranching for Profit and currently continues his education as an Executive Link board member and participates in numerous education opportunities annually.

Cathy Martin

Communications Advisor
Cathy was born in Massachusetts and grew up in Ohio in the horse industry. After attending Columbus College of Art and Design, she worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and art teacher. In 1990, she moved to Texas to become a partner and close confident with Louis and now works as a professional artist, horsewoman, and alongside Louis as the communications advisor for Round River.

John Wagner

Production Manager
John Wagner joined Round River team in 2013 after graduating from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science in Rangeland Ecology and Watershed Management with a minor in Reclamation/ Restoration of Disturbed Lands. John worked two years in the Round River apprenticeship program and now serves as the Production Manager for the Brett Gray and Lyme BX Ranches. As Production Manager, John is responsible for the development and monitoring of the annual grazing plans for each operation and oversees daily production operations for each ranch. John is an alumni of Ranching for Profit, is an Executive Link board member, has received HRM training thru the Savory Institute and continues to advance his skills and knowledge by participating in numerous educational opportunities each year.